Liquid Applications

ProMelt Ultra 2000

ProMelt Ultra 2000 inhibited is a high performance deicing liquid made from refined corn carbohydrate derivative blended with magnesium chloride. Best used for stock pile treatments, ProMelt Ultra 2000 delivers unparalleled performance in colder temperatures. ProMelt Ultra 2000 is blue concentrated liquid that will turn your salt pile blue.

Magic-O by ProMelt

Magic-0 by ProMelt is a premium liquid de-icer that is known for being effective at lower temperatures with more efficiency, working at temperatures down to -49°F. Bounce and scatter is reduced with Magic Salt, therefore reducing salt application rates and saving time, labor, and waste. Its strong residual effect ensures that Magic-0 by ProMelt will provide long-lasting performance when it is most needed. It can be used for anti-icing, pre-wetting, pre-treating salt, and enhancing salt brines.