Granular Applications

ProMelt Enhanced

This deicing material is a liquid-treated salt designed to reduce bounce and scatter and increase the speed at which the deicing properties begin to work. It is effective at temperatures down to -5F and is an efficient pretreating material. ProMelt Enhanced is less corrosive than other deicers and is both environmentally friendly and safe for pets and other animals.

Magic Salt by ProMelt™

This highly-efficient deicing material is effective down to -25F. It covers more area with less product, saving time, labor, and money. It also requires 30% - 50% less material per application than other comparable deicers. Magic Salt has the ability to “burn off” up to two inches of snow with no plowing and its residual effect makes it last longer than ordinary deicers. Because of this effect, snow and ice will not bond to the pavement, virtually eliminating the formation of black ice. Surfaces pretreated with Magic Salt will remain free of snow and ice until washed away.