Dust Control

Dust can contribute to a number of negative health effects, including Respiratory health problems. It can also cause crop damage, surface damage to roads, erosion and washouts, wear and tear of cars and trucks, and loss of footing (inside equestrian arenas, for example).

ProMelt Ultra can be used to minimize dust and dirt in areas like horse arenas, unpaved roads, recreational surfaces, clay tennis courts, solar fields, and quarries. It is a hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air) corn-based product with magnesium chloride. The medium's moisture-attracting characteristics give it the ability to bind dust particles to maintain natural surfaces for months at a time with a single application (depending on weather and soil type). Surfaces stay damp which holds down the dust, reduces erosion, and protects the surface of roads. It is odorless and colorless, and safe for pets and people. This product will not irritate paws or skin, nor will it dry out hooves.

Benefits of dust control include immediate suppression of dust upon treatment (in most cases), and every time a product is applied, the longer the effect will last.
dust control