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About Middlesex Ice Control, LLC

1984 - The Beginning

In 1984, after graduating college with a degree in Environmental Design, David Lenz our owner and operator, opened David A. Lenz Landscape Service. This business focused on landscape design and snow plowing.

As the years went by and the company grew employees were added. We started looking for a better way to manage snow and ice. Like all the other contractors and towns around us, we were using sand and salt, but we were not satisfied with the results.

In 2004, we learned about Magic Salt, started using this product and have been using it ever since. We were one of the first contractors to exclusively use Magic salt in Middlesex County.

2014 - Ice Control

In 2014, Middlesex Ice Control was added to our company. We became a distributor of Magic Salt and Magic -0, Liquid Spray Tanks, and Fluid Film. We are proud to be able to use and distribute the best Snow and Ice Management products on the market. We sell what we use and what we believe in.

The Future

In October of 2014 we held our first seminar and trade show in order to educate our clients. We feel that education is a very important part of managing properties in the winter time. When it comes to efficient and economic use of ice control materials, there is science and technology which needs to be invested in nowadays. The days of using sand and salt as deicing tools are over, these were tools used in the 1990’s and are now obsolete. The future in the industry is liquid anti icing and pre treating with Magic Salt.

We work very hard to give our clients the finest tools and techniques to use for a safe and cost effective snow and ice management program. This commitment to our clients continues after the sale because taking care of you, our customers is of the utmost importance to us.

We wish you a safe and profitable winter.